PAX 96 Ranch History

Located 8 miles south of Colorado City, TX, the 96 Ranch was founded in 1884 by James Durham Wulfjen and his wife Mary Jane Cocreham. The two moved from San Marcos to Mitchell County with their children shortly thereafter. James Durham Wulfjen registered the “96” brand in 1885 through the Mitchell County Courthouse and began producing Durham cattle and saddle horses for income. A historical marker, commemorating the establishment of the 96 Ranch was dedicated in 1976. Over the years, the original 96 Ranch property was inherited, divided up, and most of it sold off. Property not sold remained in the Wulfjen family’s possession for over a hundred years and operated under the Lazy H Ranch properties through 1996. Ironically, in 1996 approximately 4,000 acres of the 96 Ranch was purchased by David and Dan Phillips arranged by their long-time friend, Sam Geisenberger (son of Louise Wulfjen). Previous to the purchase the Phillips brothers founded PAX, INC. (1979) – a steel fabricator with multiple operations in Louisiana. With respect to the long standing history of the 96 and their personal relationship with one of the original heirs, the brothers chose to rename the facility as it is known today - the PAX 96 Ranch. Although improvements such as housing, a high fence and modern amenities have been added, some of the old buildings and water tanks still stand, the wells still pump, and the windmills continue to turn.

- The Centennial Book; Mitchell County, TX