PAX 96 Whitetail Center - AI Bucks

Including artificial insemination into the PAX 96 Whitetail Center’s breeding program allows pedigree enhancement not only from other Texas breeders, but from Northern deer breeders as well. By starting with AI sires such as Ground Zero, GB Wallstreet, Elijah, and Blue Mountain Bill the bar has been set! The PAX 96 continues to add high-quality genetics from Texas, such as Dreamhouse, Cocky, and Ripper from Nize Rack Whitetails; Flinstone, Handsome and Duggers Bob. Northern genetics brought in include AI sires Amos and Auggie from Circle H Whitetails; Maximus DT, Adrenaline, and Maxbo Dream from Wallahachie and Double T Whitetails; Roy Yoder’s Redoy Klamath and Timberhollow’s Highway 10 are also Northern bucks that we are eager to see produce.

**All AI is laparoscopically performed by Dennis Gourley, DVM and offspring are DNA certified.

Blue Mountain Bill

Scored 345 SCI @ 7 and is currently owned by Blue Mountain Whitetails. “Bill” is producing quality consistently and we are looking forward to watching his offspring next year.

GB Wallstreet

Scored 251” @ 4.5 yrs and is owned by Griffith Brothers.  He is a GB PA Geronimo son.  GB PA Geronimo is a proven top producer, siring deer such as Marlin 245”, Magic 304”, and Goliath 410”. 


Who scored 219” @ 3 is producing some great offspring this year.  He’s sire to Wildman, scoring 260” @ 2.

Ground Zero

A much sought after buck, has been producing high-end offspring such as Easy Money, scoring 291” @ 3.  Adding Ground Zero blood into our herd can only be a step in the right direction!




Highway 10

Maxbo Dream

Maximus DT