Welcome to PAX 96 Ranch & Whitetail Center

PAX 96 Ranch & Whitetail Center
PAX 96 Ranch & Whitetail Center

Welcome to the PAX 96 Ranch & Whitetail Center. Located near Colorado City, Texas, the ranch encompasses approximately 4,000 acres of historical west Texas ranch land. Purchased in 1996 by brothers Danny and David Phillips, the ranch now revolves around the habitat and wildlife that call it home.

As a working ranch, the PAX 96 Ranch & Whitetail Center operations are dedicated to the improvement of the ranch’s wildlife and habitat. In place is a game management program focused on producing trophy whitetails and other game species. As part of this program, the ranch utilizes a whitetail breeding program to enhance the genetics of the ranch, as well as, make available breed stock to those looking to improve the genetics of their own ranch.

Soon, PAX 96 Ranch & Whiteatil Center will offer commercial hunting. Hunters will have the opportunity to experience west Texas hunting at it’s finest and a chance to pursue trophy whitetail, varmints, dove, as well as several species of upland game birds. While visiting the ranch, guests will witness ranch living in style. With panoramic views of West Texas, starlit skies, and wonderful Louisiana cuisine, visitors won’t want to leave!

If you’re looking for a great experience West Texas style, or want to improve your ranch’s whitetail genetics, give us a call, we’re happy to help!